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Our Story

The Father-Daughter Team

(Simon & Cassie)

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Our family; Simon, Cassie, Winnie, and Connie; journeyed into the world of living donor liver transplants in a way that is uniquely ours. Yet, our story parallels the journey travelled by so many families all over the world. Within days of Cassie’s birth in 1997, Winnie and Simon were faced with the realization that Cassie was born with a congenital liver disorder called Biliary Atresia (BA). Statistically this disorder afflicts about 1 in 30,000 babies. BA has no cure and for many, eventually results in the need for a liver transplant. 


Cassie’s prospects after her initial life-saving procedure (the Kasai Procedure) were mixed and we entered into a phase of knowing that Cassie may eventually need that liver transplant. Our lives pivoted with this new knowledge. Where we lived, how we lived, and even Simon's choice of career have all been influenced by this journey. As a matter of fact, it was the extra delicate search for the right childcare for Cassie (due to her special needs) which led Simon to launch a successful technology solution business, 1Core Solution, that is making an impact in the child care industry.  You can read about the 1Core founding story here.

It was 13 years before that eventuality happened and luckily, Simon qualified as a liver match for Cassie. As a family, we navigated this very rocky terrain with success, but we had advantages that aren’t necessarily available to all. We were able to live close to a world class liver transplant center. We had very good health insurance. We had a family donor. 

As Cassie and Simon look back on their journey, they realize that not only are these advantages scarce, but also many, many people are completely unaware that because of the amazing regenerative power of the liver, being a living liver donor is completely possible. 

We want everyone facing this difficult journey to proceed with as many advantages and as much knowledge as possible. With this as our mission, My New Liver Foundation was born.

Simon & Cassie
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